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Hello! My name is Adam Lentz. I'm an Unreal Engineer from Castle Rock, Colorado. I've worked with several game engines and programming languages in the past, but I primarially use C++ with Unreal Engine 4. Currently, I have 2 releases on; Derelict and CUBEX. During my later high school and independent study years, I worked professionally as a freelancer on the ROBLOX platform, using Lua to create game systems, animations, and UI for a variety of clients. Most recently, I worked a 2 month contract with Vinci VR, developing a virtual reality simulator demo in a professional work environment.

I began programming when I was 11 years old using ROBLOX, and slowly diverged from there. This site was made used HTML, and CSS, and I've also used C# with Unity, Java with Minecraft modding, and now C++ with Unreal Engine 4. Additionaly, I'm well practiced with Blender for asset design and for image editing. For my two independent UE4 titles, I made all of my own 3D models, animations, and UI assets. This includes material editing using Unreal's Niagra for particles, UI, and object materials. With Vinci VR, I developed a virtual reality simulator demo in a professional work environment, organizing the work with Jira, Slack, and source control through Perforce.


Besides working on video games and VR, I have a few other interests that I sink my free time into. These include playing the guitar, snowboarding with my family, and of course, playing video games. I began playing guitar when I was 4, and it's been a hobby I've kept near and dear, spending the good majority of any excess income I have on guitars and amplifiers. During the winter, I go to the mountains with my dad and two brothers to ski, though I am the odd one out on a snowboard. I've been involved in snow sports since I was 3, and it's been a weekend tradition my whole life. As far as videogames are concerned, I enjoy playing hardcore Minecraft, Guitar Hero, and indie shooters when alone, and a wide variety of online games with friends, including but not limited to: Factorio, Project Zomboid, Halo MCC, Diablo II, Path of Exile, and Salt and Sanctuary.


If you wish to contact me, my information is linked here:

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  • Discord: Lentzified#6146