Adam Lentz - Unreal Engineer

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Boeing HFDT

Boeing's High Fidelity Digital Twin (or HFDT) is their in-house flight simulator, powered by Unreal Engine 4. I currently work with them through the contracting firm Robert Half as a Real-Time Software Engineer, responsible for implementing new systems, interface design, and optimization. During my time with the team, I've taken on several responsibilities such as improving the optimization and layout of existing systems, helping adapt CAD imports for use as 3D assets in the simulator, and implementing new systems to improve the quality of the project. As a part of the new system integrations, I worked with writing and parsing different file types during runtime, and creating user interfaces to interact with these systems. I have worked with third-party plugins such as Cesium Geospatial to improve the immersion and graphical integrity of the simulation. In addition to my responsibilities as a programmer, I've also adopted certain leadership responsibilities such as hosting tag-up meetings with the UI/UX team to organize and streamline workflows, preventing the overlapping of development efforts.