Adam Lentz - Unreal Engineer

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CUBEX is a multiplayer, stylized arena shooter with emphasis on fast movement and high damage. Currently in its second rendition, this game is currently the best example of my abilities as an Unreal Engineer. CUBEX is inspired by games such as Minimum, Halo, DOOM Eternal, and some New Blood games, accentuating movement and weapon choice over cover and aim. It has server hosting and joining, as well as intuitive combat AI to pad out empty servers. You can customize your character appearance and weapon loadout, with each weapon having its own alt-fire, making for a diverse combat experience. Audio for the game is made by Doug Truscott, a talented audio engineer and my best friend from high school. The legacy version of the game made it a few versions into alpha before I began contract work with Vinci VR, after which I decided to remake the game from the ground up, using the lessons learned during my contract to improve upon the game's optimization, design, organization, and development timeline.